Your cat deserves the best care in its own place…!

Type of visit Price
1 visit per day for 30 minutes 250,- CZK
2 visits per day for 30 minutes (price for both) 490,- CZK
1 visit per day for 90 minutes 460,- CZK
2 visits per day for 60 minutes (price for both) 590,- CZK NEW!!
1 overnight for 10 hours 860,- CZK
Initial meeting at your place 130,- CZK
FOR FREE when ordering more than 10 visits


*It is also possible to combinate visits any way you need. We recommend longer/ or more visits in the case your cat is fixed on you a lot and does not stay well loneliness or, in the case you have at least more than two cats or kitten/ kittens.

One visit includes:


first of all – 100% reliable and professional service (Have a look at our clients references)
refilling food and changing water
cleaning litter box


playing with the cat (majority of the time), brushing on request
sending a photo on your mobile/ e-mail after each visit
airing out on request
administration of medication as necessary; we can also use a needle in the case insulin injection are needed
feeding other small pets (hamsters, guinea pigs, etc.)
collecting mail/ waterng platns
key return into your own hands

We would like to inform you that we charge 200% of the price on holidays. This applies to 24/ 25/ 26/ 30/ 31 of December, also 1st of January, 1st of May, 8th of May and Easter Monday.


Cat-sitter (Brno)

Cat-sitter (Brno)

Cat-sitter (Brno)

Cat-sitter (Brno)


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