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Who should consider a professional consulting?

Do you have troubles with your cats? You don’t understand it and it doesn’t understand you? Does your cat destroy your furniture, defecate or pee outside it’s cat toilet or is it agressive to you or other pet(s) in your household? We will put an eye on it and solve this all out..

We provide solution in this types of behavior:

  • agression of your cat towards people
  • agression of your cat towards other pets
  • undesirable peeing outside the cat litter
  • destroying your furniture (stratching on it, ect.)
  • excesive meowing during night  (for example)
  • extremaly shy or feral cats 

How does it work

  • Cat behaviorist will arrange an appointment with you at your place, she will look around your cat’s territory and then she will ask you for some details
  • The behaviorist will elaborate detailed psychological profile of your cat and tell you what to do to make it feel better
  • She will consult the situation within the next 4 weeks
  • If necessary, she will meet you again in 3-4 weeks again and give you some additional recommendation



We provide services mostly online

Online consultation/ call + phone communication after 1 month599,- CZK
Personal consultation (only in Brno)999,- CZK

We garantee services with high quality and complex solution of the problems you run with your cat. Your pet is full-fledged member of your family and deserves understanding and love the same as everybody else. The reason of the “troubled” behavior of your cat can be deeply rooted in completely different thing than you could realize on the first sight. Our behaviorist will help to to find the real reason and get rid of it. Don’t hesitate and contact us.




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