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10 reasons why cat is the best animal

Have you been ever wondering about what animal is absolutely the best with respect to co-existence with human? After consideration of many aspects, you have to definitely come to a cat. Read 10 reasons why is it so!

1. They are soft and silky

When you touch a cat, it makes you feel very nice. Its tiny body, that is covered with pleasant fur, can’t leave anyone stay cool, even any „anti-cat“ person.

2. They are house-trained

If something doesn’t disturb them from their balance, they use obediently their toilet and you don’t have to even touch their excrements (for example through the bag made for this purposes).

3. They are independent

They don’t require walking, incessant atention and they don’t bother unnecessarily.

4. They help us when we are in trouble

Often they can feel our sadness or if there is something aching us. They lay down exactly on the place that is affected and purr and purr and purr…

5. They purr 

Cat is the only one animal that is able to produce this throat movement, that causes purring. It is amazingly calming and, above all, it indicates the very relaxed mood of the cat

6. They are space-saving

When we need to transfer a cat, we easily put it into a carrier box, thay is easy for carrying even for a weak woman (alright, there can be any exeptions). It is simple to take it to the tram, bus, or even to the plain between passengers, if we are lucky.

7. They are inspirative

They are inspiration for a lot of beautiful, mysterious and desired things – have you ever heard someone saying, that the woman was like a dog? Or perharps a sheep, girafe, flying squirrel? I bet not, the most often we hear: „This is real catwoman“, in the case we are comparing her to some animal.

8. They are uncostly

They don’t eat kilograms of food in a day. Or mostly not. So costs for kittie’s food can be acceptable even for a socially disadvantaged individuals.

9. They are small sized 

So if this wonderfull animal decides to lay on you, you don’t have to flex your muscles, swell and prey quietly for your cat leaving.

10. And what is the best on them?

You can breed even several of them at once! And how comes? Well, because they are tiny, space-saving, house-trained, inspirative, uncostly, independent, they have silky coat, and they purr 🙂


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